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Injection molding process


Minimum education:


Number of recruits:


Experience required:


Work area:

Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China

Job Description

1. responsible for the development of reasonable production process standards for the machines under their jurisdiction and the production of product process technical documents.
2. ensure that the production site has process technical documents to guide production, and strictly follow the process operation to achieve product quality requirements.
3. responsible for tracking products, paying close attention to product quality, listening to feedback, taking the initiative and making corresponding process adjustments in a timely manner to ensure that product quality and efficiency are achieved.
4. promptly find out abnormal process problems in production, correct wrong behaviors and methods that do not meet process specifications and requirements, and report to the supervisor.
5. To do the work of mold trial and assist the quality inspector to confirm the product samples.
6. Regularly collect and organize the technical problems in production, analyze the causes, and propose corrective actions and measures to the supervisor for review and submission to the factory manager.
7. Complete other work arranged by supervisors on time.
Job requirements
1. 3-5 years of work experience as a technician, familiar with injection molding machine, master the performance of common plastic raw materials.
2. proficient in product injection molding process, understand the use and maintenance of injection molding equipment and can independently debug injection molding machine, and have rich experience in injection molding.
2. more than 600T machine operation experience, proficient in hot runner and five-axis robot, experience in large machine process above 1000T is preferred.
3. work conscientiously and carefully, have good team spirit and communication ability, good learning ability.
4. be obedient to leadership arrangements, hard-working and able to adapt to night shifts.
5. Salary will be negotiable according to individual ability.