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Injection molding supervisor


Minimum education:


Number of recruits:


Experience required:


Work area:

Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China

Job Description

1. responsible for accepting the production plan instructions, and scientifically implement the plan, and complete the production tasks assigned by the workshop in quality and quantity (production plan completion rate of 95% or more, finished product sampling pass rate of 98% or more).
2. responsible for supervising the daily implementation and maintenance of "6S" activities on site and machine, safe and civilized production.
3. responsible for new product/new mold trial and follow up to deal with abnormalities.
4. to understand the voice of employees and improve employee satisfaction.
5. touring the production process, timely guidance of staff work, timely detection and handling of production abnormalities. 
6. check and assess the work of the team members, and propose resolutions on rewards and punishments and transfers for subordinates.
7. responsible for the site training and implementation of this team, training, education of subordinates, improve the technical ability, quality awareness, ideological quality of all personnel in this department.
8. audit the production reports, work hour records (labor, machine), material consumption and other records of this group.
9. to complete the temporary work arranged by the superior leadership on time, timely work reports to the superior leadership, etc.
Job requirements
1. aged 28-45, with college degree or above and more than 5 years of injection molding workshop management experience.
2. familiar with computer operation and ERP system, strong sense of responsibility, serious and responsible, digital workshop management experience is preferred.
3. high ability of coordination and communication.
4. have a high sense of responsibility and learning ability.
5. familiar with the production process and operation of injection molding, familiar with the performance of product materials and various performance of injection molding machines.