China injection molding products market analysis in 2022: the market size is expected to reach 562.4 billion yuan


I. Overview

Plastic products are processed using plastic as the main raw material for life, industry and other supplies collectively, according to the different molding processes, can be divided into injection molding, compression molding, extrusion, blow molding, foam and other process products, are widely used in industry, agriculture, construction, transportation, national defense, aerospace and other fields.

Plastic products industry, also known as the plastics processing industry, is one of the pillar industries of China's light industry, and the development of China's national economy is closely related. According to the different processing technology and product segments, plastic products industry can be divided into: plastic film manufacturing; plastic sheet, pipe, profile manufacturing; plastic wire, rope and woven products manufacturing; foam manufacturing; plastic artificial leather, synthetic leather manufacturing; plastic packaging boxes and containers manufacturing; plastic products for daily use manufacturing; artificial turf manufacturing; plastic parts and other plastic products manufacturing.

Classification of plastic products industry


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II. Development Status

Modern industry realizes the optimization and integration of industrial resources by professional division of labor and economic globalization. In this context, end-product manufacturers distribute the R&D and production of product parts to the upstream industry chain according to the industrial division of labor, and more and more multinational enterprises gradually establish their own global supply chain system. At the same time, the professional division of labor also promotes product diversification while ensuring the quality and stability of product parts supply, providing good development opportunities for upstream injection molding parts manufacturers. In 2021, China's injection molding products output reached 30.72 million tons, an increase of 1.77 million tons from 2020, with a year-on-year growth of 6.1%, and it is expected that China's injection molding products output will reach 32.1 million tons in 2022.

China Injection Molded Products Production Statistics and Forecast 2014-2022


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Industry Report: China Injection Molded Products Industry Survey and Market Supply and Demand Forecast Report, 2022-2028, published by Common Research Network

As the most important component of the plastics processing industry, the injection molding industry provides products for automobiles, construction, household appliances, food, medicine, etc. It is also the most basic production method of the entire plastics processing industry. It is reasonable to believe that the development prospect of injection molding industry is promising. On the one hand, automobiles, home appliances and electrical and electronic appliances, the largest traditional application areas of injection molding, still maintain strong demand and are the largest automotive market in the world; the home appliance market is generally stable and improving, becoming the most important application area of injection molding products. On the other hand, new market space is opening up in the injection molding industry. In 2021, the demand for injection molding products in China reached 25.77 million tons, an increase of 1.470 million tons from 2020, with a year-on-year growth of 6.0%, and the demand for injection molding products in China is expected to reach 26.91 million tons in 2022.

China Injection Molded Products Demand Statistics and Forecast, 2014-2022


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Plastic has the advantages of light weight, high strength, good toughness, easy to mold and process and reusable, can be widely used in home appliances, automobiles, 3C products, medical devices, packaging, aerospace and other fields, is one of the four major structural materials, along with metal, wood and cement. In the context of building circular economy and accelerating the process of new industrialization, plastics, as an important material for saving resources, have been expanding their application fields, not only opening up new applications in traditional industries, such as bioplastics in medical devices, artificial organs and other fields, but also playing an important role in strategic emerging industries, such as new special composite polymer materials in aerospace, new energy vehicles, high-speed rail The application of new special composite polymers in the strategic emerging industries, such as aerospace, new energy vehicles, high-speed rail, marine engineering, information networks and high-end manufacturing industries. In recent years, the application areas of injection molding parts have continued to expand, providing strong growth potential for the development of the injection molding industry boom.

Demand pattern of injection molding products in China in 2020


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With the continuous expansion of downstream areas, the market size of China's injection molding products has climbed year by year in recent years. In 2021, the market size of China's injection molding products reached 546.3 billion yuan, an increase of 23.80 billion yuan from 2020, an increase of 4.6% year on year, and it is expected that the market size of China's injection molding products will reach 562.4 billion yuan in 2022.

China Injection Molded Products Market Size Statistics and Forecast, 2014-2022


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Third, the development trend

During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the high-quality development of manufacturing industry will become an important theme, and the promotion of technological innovation and digital transformation of traditional manufacturing industry represented by plastic and injection molding products will be the top priority, which is the guarantee of food, clothing and housing for the whole society, and the basis for the development of other industrial manufacturing industries. In addition, in order to implement the "carbon peak", "carbon neutral" deployment requirements, strengthen the overall planning, explore the path way to promote green low-carbon transformation and industrial structure optimization and upgrading, injection molding industry development will appear the following trends.

1. Functionalization and greening of raw materials and modified materials

With the continuous implementation of carbon neutral, carbon peak, the green production and processing technology of plastics appears to be more and more attention, such as green additives, green flame retardants, green plasticizers and other research and promotion of the use of more and more. Meanwhile, the use of bio-based plastics, which are widely sourced, green and low-carbon, easily degraded and easily recycled, is increasing and will be widely used in packaging, tableware, household, stationery, mother and baby products, electronic information and other industry fields. Although the planning line, production capacity and output of PLA at home and abroad continue to record high, but still can not match the growth rate of the downstream market, raw materials and modified material products are in short supply for a long time.

2, injection molding equipment high-end, precision, intelligent, energy-saving

In recent years, the industry has made breakthroughs in key technologies to injection molding machines of large two-plate type, all-electric and the gap between developed countries continues to narrow. Such as the development and industrialization of green and intelligent large-scale pure two-plate plastic injection molding equipment, breaking the monopoly of Germany and Japan; solid waste polymer material online processing system, reducing energy consumption and improving economic efficiency; end-use demand-oriented integrated intelligent production system to achieve intelligent unmanned production line for injection molding.

3、Product design light weight, simplicity and integration

Many areas of injection molding products are closely related to home life, such as the field of small home appliances. In order to compress the cost as much as possible and promote low-carbon green life, the products tend to be lighter and lighter under the premise of satisfying the use, reducing the use of metal and plastic, from the structural design and mold manufacturing link have begun to reflect. At the same time, in order to meet the market demand for multiple varieties and small batches, many production links in the factory are gradually automated and intelligent, but the product assembly line still relies on a large number of human resources, which is not conducive to improving the competitiveness of enterprises and products. To solve the problem of low assembly efficiency, one important idea is to standardize, unify, simplify, or even integrate the molding of injection molded parts, reduce the use of holes and screws, etc., thus simplifying the assembly steps.

4, production, management and decision-making digitalization, networking, intelligent

Injection molding enterprises to improve quality (product quality, service quality), reduce costs (raw material procurement costs, inventory costs, personnel costs, production costs, management costs, service costs, etc.), increase efficiency (production efficiency, communication efficiency, synergy efficiency, etc.), is the main purpose of the traditional manufacturing industry to implement intelligent manufacturing, digital transformation, but also in the fierce market competitors to stand firm, to reshape the development momentum and advantages of Important magic weapon. With the new generation of information technology and industrial Internet, injection molding enterprises will gradually realize the optimal allocation of resources, improve total factor productivity, and realize the deep change and reconstruction of business, management and business model through intelligent production, digital management, networked collaboration, personalized customization, service extension and other new manufacturing models.

5, technological innovation and industrial development of synergy, clustering, ecological

In the field of injection molding industry, there is a need for continuous breakthroughs in the synthesis technology, production technology and modification technology of high-performance raw materials, software and hardware technology of plastic machine equipment and accessories, manuf